tips and tutorials

In this section you can find tips and tutorials regarding QR codes and all you need to know in order to send us your selfie-pictures from the different church locations where you discovered our QR codes.
All the services and techniques mentioned here, we tried for ourselves. So far, we´ve had no negative experiences, otherwise we would not give these recommendations.
The explanations on the following pages each include detailed descriptions, suggestions for action, and some data safety advice — all you need to make your own, well-informed choice of service provider and feel safe with that decision.

You prefer to get started right away?

When you click on the links below, you will either be lead to an external website away from this site or a pdf-document will pop-up and open that includes a written tutorial.

  • How to scan a QR code – tutorial
  • Getting a QR code scanner for your phone/tablet – tutorial
  • Transferring files using WeTransfer – tutorial by (German)
  • Transferring Files by sharing them on GMX Cloud – tutorial (German)
  • Compressing file for transfer via E-Mail on a Windows Computer – tutorial by (German)