project info and theses map

Broadsheets back then, QR-Codes today.

Martin Luther´s views were revolutionary, and so were his methods. To get his message across to a wide public, he used the most innovative media available at the time.  The project „Münchner Thesen-Landschaft“ (theses-landscape Munich) wishes to honor this achievement and celebrate the 500th anniversary of the legendary posting of 95 theses on the church door in Wittenberg by using the modern media of our time to create a living experience of Martin Luther’s work for people all over Munich.

Protestant churches and facilities in the whole Lutheran Deanery Munich were provided with stickers and invited to post them on their church doors.  Each sticker shows a  different QR-Code, that, once scanned, leads the viewer to one of the 95 theses.

See the map below for information on where to find each thesis 🙂

Experience Martin Luther´s legacy by going on a modern „treasure hunt“.

If you need help to outfit your Smartphone with a QR-Code scanner or practise scanning QR codes, instructions and contact details can be found under „tips and tutorials“.

Make your experience more lasting by participating in our selfie project „mit Thesen-Spass zum Thesen-Pass“ ( „fun with theses gets you a theses pass“).